Logician Mediaservice Team Members have provided ad operations support for global media companies, as well as Ad trafficking, reporting and creative development. We add value by helping our clients improve and refine their operations and technical processes.

Sales Support:

  • Media Planning.
  • Sales Planning.
  • Inventory Analysis.
  • Premium Slot Booking.
  • Case Study Generation.
  • Specs Guide Preparation.
  • Sales Planning and Managing Solutions
    • Dedicated Portal for Analysis.
    • Supporting Sales in Managing CRM operations/ Ticket System – ( like : Sales force ) or Building Custom Ticketing System.


Support for Campaign Manager


Campaign Booking

  • Campaign Booking in Ad server/Ad Network.
  • Campaign Inventory Check.
  • Campaign Budget update
  • Campaign Flight Set
  • Campaign Targeting Set.
  • Campaign Status Co- ordination with sales.
  • Setting Campaign Live.
  • Ad server Migration


Campaign Optimization

  • Campaign Booking in Ad server/Ad Network.
  • Changing flight dates.
  • Moving Budget/Impressions.
  • Up selling the Campaign.
  • Down selling the Campaign.
  • Targeting Changes.
  • Canceling the IO.
  • Sales Support and Guidance for Optimization.



Support for Reporting

  • Custom Template Creation.
  • Daily/Weekly/ Monthly Reports.
  • End of Campaign Reports
  • Video Delivery Report.
  • Video Completion Reports
  • Third party Stats Comparison Reports
  • Device/ User/ Browser/ Formats/ … Custom Reports.
  • Developing Macros to simplify Reporting Solutions – Generating Reports in Bulk, Auto scheduling Reports, Custom Dashboards etc
  • Delivery Issue Analysis.
  • Creative Issue fixing.
  • Guiding Sales to provide exact feedback and technical guidance to client.
  • Discrepancy Trouble shooting.


Award Winning Campaign Delivery Report Automation – 3000 Reports in 8 min :


1) Bulk Data of all Campaigns running under Mulitple Markets,Advertiser

Pulled from Adserver.

2)  Generate Button in Macro is Clicked



3 & 4) Macro will generate reports for 3000 IO’s in Less than 8 min ,

For Each Campaign/IO Desired Final Output with Formatting, Calculations, Naming convention is captured and saved in

desired folder location.


Creative Support:

  • Building Custom Static/Gif Banner.
  • Building HTML5 Custom Creative as per the Industry Standard Formats.
  • Billboard Expandable, Video, Basic Animation.
  • Trafficking the Creative provided by Agencies/Advertiser.
  • Testing the Creative.
  • Troubleshooting the Creative – Issue like ( Click tag, Macro Implementation, Pixel Trackers etc) and providing right feedback to Sales to get back to advertiser/Agencies with exact information, thus providing
  • Value added services.
  • Creative Level Report.
  • Generating Screenshot to showcase the preview proof for client.



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