SSP/DSP Ad Server Solutions

GS Digital Solutions Inc. manages it’s own DSP and SSP ad servers. Our firm is currently managing over 200 million impressions on a monthly basis across global digital channels to include, ,desktop, mobile, apps, digital signage, digital receipt networks, and billboards in English and non-English speaking countries. We are currently in the process of adding OTT as well as Linear Television to our reach.

Our firms SSP has premium traffic for your network, i.e. web site, mobile, digital signage, app. Our standard ratio is 80% video and 20% banner. GS Digital Solutions publisher network affiliate must average a minimum of 1 million click here impressions on a monthly basis.

Our firms DSP geo targets your campaign down to country, state, city, zip code, gender demographic, age demographic, and time. GS Digital Solutions Inc. can handle traditional media buys across Billboards, Print Publications, Arenas, as well as digital programmatic campaigns.

Programmatic buying is the process of executing media buys in an automated fashion through digital platforms such as: exchanges, trading desks, and demand-side platforms (DSPs).

This method replaces the traditional use of manual RFPs, negotiations and insertion orders to purchase digital media.


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