Data Monetization

Logician Mediaservices monetizes a broader segment of consumers real time purchase data “RTPD” habits, whether in C2B or B2B. We target online eCommerce platforms and tier 1 and 2 businesses

There is no question that data is an important asset to any business. GS Digital Solutions recognizes by operational standard, data is required to understand and hone decisions around marketing and advertising to effectively deliver the right message, to the right person, in the right geographical area, click here across the right device or out home media channel.

Strategically, data serves as a critical component of your operational backbone for customer engagement and digitized solutions, both of which are foundational for digital strategy and deployment.

  • Publisher ID
  • Advertiser ID
  • Device Type
  • User Agent
  • IP Address
  • Time Stamp
  • Lat/Long
  • MD5 Hashed
  • Purchase Data (amount, transaction description,)
  • Content Viewed

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